Why are headings(?) repeated on map

Started by JonnieBlaze, May 12, 2023, 17:44:50

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I have Locus Map version 4.16.0 installed on Android version 13.  I've downloaded the OpenAndroMaps for the state of Nevada, US.  When I zoom in to the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area just west of Las Vegas, the headings get repeated all over the screen.  I have to zoom in pretty close to be able to see enough past the headings to make out any details, yet the headings are still repeated on each little green square.

I'm fairly new to Locus and OAM - is this an issue with the OAM map, or maybe some setting I have or haven't adjusted on Locus?

Thank you.

Viajero Perdido

That happens with certain themes.  When I see that, I try another.

Have you tried the Elevate theme that comes with OAM?  It's well matched to the underlying map.

EDIT: on quick investigation, I'm guessing you're using one of the Locus internal themes with OAM.  The internal themes match well with LoMaps, but not so well (IMHO) with OAM.

Elevate, or any of the other V4/V5 themes (a bit hard to find), should look much better.


Thank you, that helped.  I wasn't familiar with themes until you mentioned it.  Switching to a different one helped very much.