[Tool] Locus custom V3 theme to V4 transformer

Started by voldapet, May 11, 2023, 15:21:20

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As you probably know, Locus used a custom implementation of the Mapsforge vector map rendering for LoMaps vector maps. There were several attributes that the original Mapsforge did not support.

As of May 2023, LoMaps is being released as Mapsforge V4 and the old V3 themes cannot be used for the new LoMaps V4. The new theme must be prepared to work with the new LoMaps V4.
We have prepared a simple script to help transform an existing Locus V3 theme into a Mapsforge V4 theme 

Script and simple doc are available at https://github.com/asamm/lomaps-mapsforge/tree/main/theme-v3-to-v4-converter

Please note that the script does not convert the entire theme 1:1.
Manual work will still be required, but should save time when editing attributes.
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Hello Petr,

when I try to convert my custom theme I get this error (see screenshot). Do you have an idea what this means?



it seems that the script is not able to work with XML file if isn't in UTF8 encoding. Would you please share your theme file and I'll check it.
Thansk Petr