What formats are supported by search by clipboard?

Started by seldor, April 27, 2023, 01:44:51

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I'd like to exchange some coordinates with another app, however I was not successful finding a format that doesn't require a lot of copypasting directly into locus
I hoped that using UTM or WGS in the H°M'S" Format would be directly parsed by the Search - Location - Clipboard function, but I got none to work. What formats are supported there???

I've tried for example (and all unsuccessfully):
- UTM Coordinates, for example: 30U 589672 5809269
- WGS Coordinates produced by 3rd party, for example: N 53°15'6" W 1°42'28"
- WGS Coordinates produced by locus, for example: N 52° 25' 29.2", W 001° 40' 41.5"

The only one that I found to be working was the decimal WGS coordinates produced by locus itself (but I cannot get them out of the 3rd party app):
- N 52.42478°, W 001.67820°

So what formats does this prompt support??



Hello Seldor,
there is an unlimited number of coordinate combinations...

UTM - they are not currently supported in the clipboard
the first not working format - will be fixed in the next app version, thanks
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