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Started by PingouinRouge, April 22, 2023, 05:56:25

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Good morning,
 I use loPoints offline but I want to see all the loPoints on my map.
 On my trips, I don't see certain points if I don't zoom in enough or I have to go through the menu to look for nearby loPoints.

 How to display all the loPoints on Locus?

 Thanks in advance for your feedback.


As I understand you, you talk about "point simplification", where at lower zoom levels the symbols turn to dots.

There is a setting in Android/data/menion.android.locus/files/config.cfg

Search the file for:
Tapiola MFV4+ theme for OAM Maps:
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Thank you for your feedback and clarification.  I'm glad to hear that there is a configuration file.

However, despite your details, this does not solve my subject.

Here are some screenshots to clarify my point.

On this first image above I don't see the loPoints.

Zooming in I see LoPoints.  The more I zoom, the more dots I see.

I don't understand why they don't all show up.
 Is it possible to display all the loPoints and if so how?

Thank you in advance for your help.



the app has internally defined parameters that affect the visibility of offline LoPoints. The user can't modify these values. Currently, they should be similar for online and offline LoPoints. The difference is that offline LoPoints use old system of how multiple points on a single place are handled. So there are groups with numbers (offline) where in the online world, only the priority point is visible.
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Good morning,

 Thank you for your feedback, understood.