Locus map 4 LoRouter vs Brouter

Started by tobser, April 19, 2023, 12:39:33

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Hello everyone
 For a while I had Locus Map 4 and Locus Map classic running together on the device, but after a while I decided on one of the two.  At some point the file handling (maps, themes) got me so excited (after every update something else didn't work, either no more access to the maps or to the themes in one of the two versions), I then uninstalled both Locus versions and Locus  Map 4 installed.  I'm in the process of installing the first map from the locus store.  I was also asked if I would also like to download the files for offline routing.  I have done this.  I have a folder with the profiles of Poutnik/Zossebart etc. on my SD card. If I now copy these profiles into the Locus map/Routing/Profiles2 folder with TotalCommander, it should work, right?
 Or does it work better if I put the files directly in the BRouter?  I think I read something that version  can handle the profiles better.  Which version is integrated in Locus map 4?
 I would really appreciate any pertinent hints that I can get the program to run to my satisfaction.
 Greetings from Tobias

Radim V

 Hello Tobias. If you copy the profile files as you mentioned, they should work, using the in-build LoRouter offline, which is currently based on version 1.6.x of Brouter. Radim.