New installation but "app data in unsupported directory"?

Started by alexs77, April 06, 2023, 21:44:32

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I've got a new phone, an "OPPO Reno8 Pro 5G" aka CPH2357 with ColorOS 13.9, ie. Android 13.

On this phone, I installed Locus Map 4.15.2 (Beta). When I start it, I get the info screen "App data in unsupported directory" and it wants me to confirm to move data.

But there isn't anything to move - it's a new installation.

So I click on "change directory" and confirm the shown otherwise empty directory. But then it complains that this is not the right directory.

Well - what to do, please?



interesting. I'm not sure what exactly happens on your phone, but on the Android 13, the app should be in the best case places into /sdcard/Android/data/ directory. So suggest "skipping" this initial problem and check in the internal app settings > Backup & filesystem > File system manager > Set the main directory, what exactly is set here?
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