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Started by 11elevenths, March 30, 2023, 18:12:59

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have not used in a while.  I downloaded the new build of the adventure theme from https://www.dropbox.com/s/vsixefhwv26v42j/Adventure.zip?dl=0

the file when downloaded was a folder and I thought it was supposed to be zipped so I zipped it on a Mac using 13.2 then copied the zipped file in to the themes folder.

Then started locus and it freaked and flashes in orange the attached message.  I then restarted locus no change, restarted phone multiple times no change, then removed adventure.zip and no change.  locust continues to flash this?

anybody know how to stop this?


Never saw such, but from the error message it smells like the theme XML is somewhat rogue.

I would close Locus, look at the INT SD private folder of Locus, go -> cache -> map -> themes and clean that manually. On my device I found an extracted copy of the ZIP theme, so you MIGHT be lucky.
Which still does not tell why your theme breaks.


Interesting. As wrote @michaelbechtold + select some different working theme!
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There was an offending folder in themes with the name MAC_OSX which was from me compressing the new Adventure theme on my mac and no matter what program I tried, sold explorer etc. would not delete this folder....this is what was causing the apache xml blinking error.  I manually exported 2 tracks to gpx files that were after the last full backup then did a full restore and got it working again.
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