No import from multiple tracks

Started by pix, March 24, 2023, 18:01:39

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Hello Locus Team,

I use a OnePlus 8T smartphone with installed Android 13 and I am not able to import multiple gpx files via the Locus file browser.

About "Device storage" - my file browser from OnePlus is launched, I choose my directory where my gpx-files are saved and afterward with a really long-press I choose my files.
Just one file is selectable not multiple ones simultaneously in spite of a long-press.

For more details check the link:

Thanks for your help
Locus Map Classic  3.7x


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Hello Menion,

thanks a lot for fast response.
When this is a workaround for importing multiple tracks it is't optimal but for the moment is okay.


Locus Map Classic  3.7x