Content panel “Geotagged photos” does not allow editing / adding of folders

Started by Graf Geo, March 20, 2023, 11:24:44

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Graf Geo

The blog mentioned the possibility of displaying geotagged photos on the map in Locus. Some time ago I had set several folders with photos and it worked.

Now I have looked at the menu again and I can neither edit/delete the folders nor add new ones. The 3 dots next to the folders are not there and neither is the + icon. See screenshot. (Locus V 4.15.2)

Possibly this is due to Android 12, which I currently have. However, I had Android 11 on my SG S10 from the beginning and was able to select the orders earlier.

If it is due to Android, would it work with the AFA version?
SG S10, Android 12


Yes, Android 11+ in the action.

AFA IS a solution here.

It was possible maybe a half year ago before we were forced to update the internal Android API to one of the latest.

If there will be bigger interest, I may rewrite the internal implementation and most probably, it will work (with small limits) also on modern devices. But it is quite extra work and I'm not sure, how big is benefit in selecting custom directories among a few predefined... (that seems to be public even for Locus Map app).
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Graf Geo

All right, thanks for the answer.
It's not that important for me, it was just something I noticed.
SG S10, Android 12