Galaxy Watch 5 Pro - No refresh of theposition if the mobile phone screen is off

Started by jogibear, March 16, 2023, 16:14:33

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Dear all,
I have a Samsung S23 ultra and a Galaxy Watch 5 Pro with Locus Map Gold and Locus Watch installed.

Everything works perfectly until the phone screen switches off. Once the mobile phone screen is dark, the GPS position and the map don't refresh anymore on the watch. It cannot be the idea to hold the mobile phone in the hand and switched on to have the info on the watch... Just switching on the mobile phone screen without even unlock the phone trigs the position and map refresh on the watch (and probably on Locus map on the phone).

i disabled quite all energy saving options and always enabled the location for Locus Map and OS Wear app . There is even an option "location enable even with dark screen" in Locus Map, but it also doesn't help at all.

Is the function not working (what I doubt since it's the primary function expected from Locus Map Watch) or is there another hidden, user very unfriedly parameter somehwhere?

In advance many thanks for your support,


Hello Jorgen,
interesting. May you please try enabling track recording on the device? This feature uses all methods, to keep the app awake, so I'm curious if this helps.

If not, then there really has to be some kind of aggressive battery optimization on the device or watches.
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