How to add online maps outside Locus store?

Started by tobser, March 07, 2023, 17:26:38

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Hello everyone
 I seem to remember that earlier versions of Locus Map pro allowed adding online map sources by specifying the URL.  Now when I try that with one of the new versions, I'm only redirected to the Locus store, which has all kinds of maps that I absolutely don't need.
 With Osmand, for example, it is possible to display or superimpose the Google traffic data on the map by entering the correct URL. It would be great if Locus could do the same.
 Am I missing something or is there some trick to adding cards outside of the locus store, if so please let me know.
 If not, what would be the last version of Locus Map pro that still works?
 Greetings from Tobi


Hello Tobi
support for custom online maps still works. Check this manual page where we describe the necessary steps. Hope this helps.
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