Disable offline Maps which are currently not needed

Started by Borger83, March 03, 2023, 08:37:41

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i am wondering if its not possible to disable or deactivate the offline Maps if you dont need them.
Let assume you have downloaded Niedersachsen or Bayern or something and later you want to download whole Germany map. Then Locus have to load and process some data several times for Bayern and for Germany.
Do i have to delete the maps if i dont want to use them?

Thanks in advance.


Valid point, e. g. offline POI ("Lopoints offline") are displayed from every poi db file in the same area...
I think since Menion currently introduces Lomaps Mapsforge V4 it's currently WIP.
Tapiola MFV4+ theme for OAM maps:


Hey Tapio thanks for your answer, but i unfortunately dont realy understand, what you mean.
I am not talking about POIs, i mean whole maps (vektormaps) not only points of interest. In openandromap, where i can download e.g whole Germany Map and Bayern, which of course is a part of the bigger map of Germany, so the data is duplicated. I would like to disable Bayer in this example.


Hi, this is currently not possible.
You really have to delete maps from the app or move map files manually to a different place (archive it).
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There must have been a reason to download overlapping maps in the first place, I suppose. Based on my own experience, having both (or more than one in general) does not really disturb, except you see them in the "nearest map" list.
What do I miss here, @Borger83?


Thanks Menion, if i know it i can better handle it now.

@michaelbechtold, you dont miss something. It is good that one doesnt get any errors, how you said. I think you would only need more resources than necesary. And there is no reason to to it on purpos, more Inadvertently.

Well, thank you all for your quick clarification. 


Well, one thing came to my mind, imagine you have downloaded a Map of the Alps, and know you like to have the rest of e.g. Italy, so you in this case you have duplicated data.


Correct. In case of OAM maps, the level of detail is higher (contours, if I recall correctly, plus something, on lower zoom levels) for the Alps map(s), compared to Italy whole.
Same is true for Bundesländer versus Germany south/mid/north, and Germany full. The difference between Bundesländer total versus Germany full is one GB, which not only comes from Bundesländer overlaps.
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