Battery drain and repeating sounds

Started by Joska, January 25, 2023, 15:14:31

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Some years ago, I had asked about battery drain in random intervalls. This reappears under v4 of locusmap, and I was not able to locate the reason.
Yesterday, I regogniced a sound, repeating every 2 to 5 minutes, not combined with a special message or information.
Because, I had restarted the phone some minutes before, and locusmap was the only app, I had started, I suggested, the sound was produced by LM. This sound were a source of angryniss a long time.
After stopping LM, these terrible sounds stopped too.
Maybe, this was the reason for battery drain??m


I'm thinking what may be the source of these sounds. Probably the only feature that may cause this is a warning on GPS "Position acquired" and "Position lost" in the app's "GPS & sensors" settings.

And effect on battery: sound itself sure not, but if this really comes from GPS, it means that app uses GPS even if not needed? Or do you have for example some track recording auto-start system enabled?
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