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Started by aawdaky, January 18, 2023, 12:36:18

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thank you for this wonderful application, and I have some suggestions to support off-road routing, a feature found in other apps, and I wish Locus Map had:
This feature is supposed to be when you want the app to route from/to a place where there are no roads drawn on the map, which happens that the routing engines refuse to route and an error message appears, while in other applications there are other solutions where the program calculates a direct line for the nearest road and then It is completed via the routing engine and so on. Here is an example for further clarification:
If you are somewhere in the middle of the desert away from the roads and then you want to go to the nearest road and drive across it and then get off the road to another place in the desert away from the roads, all the navigation solutions available in the Locus Map will not work (Except through long solutions like using route planner), while in other applications that support this feature, the application draws a line Direct to the nearest road and then routed through the road, this feature is in OsmAnd (it is fully supported), Navitel and Organic maps (for destination only).
I do not know, it is possible that the solution is with the developers of routing engines such as (GraphHopper, BRouter, etc.) or it may be from the developers of applications in a way that integrates with the routing engines.

I hope you will find a solution to this problem to make the app better for desert and off road use

 & Here is a video for more clarification (maybe I didn't succeed in explaining what I mean clearly):

Thank you and regards


understand what you mean. Internally there is a parameter that define maximal offset of point to the closest road/way. Internally in the BRouter, it should be 250, we've increased it to 400 metres. When you are more than 400m off the road, app is now unable to compute the route. And yes, connection between exact location and the location on the road is also missing.

What you need is
- increasing this limit
- add direct connection between required location & start/end point on the computed route

This parameter is anyway quite risky because it may compute false-positive routes across obstacles that can't be passed by foot/bike so simply. So increasing this parameter over 400m does not bring extra benefit, only complications.

Suggest to give a try to route planner to see that current 400m limit really works as expected. When you start then navigation, app should also draw a line with distance value to the closet computed route trackpoint.
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What I need is to have this feature without limits and make this option for all routing engines (as in other applications without limits).
As a person residing in Europe, he may be surprised by our need for this feature, but in a desert country like Saudi Arabia, there are large areas that roads do not reach, but they are crossable by regular car because they are lands with easy and flat terrain, and it is possible to cross 50 kilometers inside without roads, and the method of crossing varies according to And according to the driver and the nature of the land (some sandy roads disappear because of the sand, and each time the path of the road is different), so if it was possible to add this feature and make it optional, this would be nice.
Thanks and regards