Display and position of evelation profile in track overview is poorly visible

Started by Graf Geo, January 04, 2023, 12:52:10

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Graf Geo

The track overview is a practical function.

Unfortunately, the display and position of the evelation profile is not well solved. The profile is often poorly visible above the map background and sometimes overlaps the track.

Suggestion: the evelation profile could be positioned on the right in the white area above the Locus logo.

Alternatively, the display of the evelation profile in the track overview (optional) could be omitted.

Attached is a screenshot as an example of very poor visibility of the evelation profile.
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Hi Graf Geo,
@Tapio , that was not fair  ;)

Moving the chart on the right side is a problem. The content of the right panel depends on what sensors you have. In my case, this panel is usually full because of the heart rate and cadence sensor. So there is no guarantee, there will be a space.

The solution may be to put the elevation chart below the map. This makes it better visible, but on the second side reduces the size of the map ... a shame. Also in your case, it seems you are using custom color for elevation, so it is even worst to see then with the original blue color.

This feature is anyway quite an old solution. The solution we need to finish is easy sharing of track over a web server (web.locusmap.app), so this feature should not be needed at all. Thanks for understanding.
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Graf Geo

Hello menion,

thank you for the explanations, they are understandable.

The elevation diagram under the map would be fine for me, even if it leaves less space for the map. But there will be different opinions.

I had completely forgotten that you can set the colour of the diagram. But there is no ideal solution either, as you get different background colours depending on the map section - sometimes light blue for water, sometimes dark green for forest, etc....

Thanks anyway!
SG S10, Android 12