Not recording my track while phone is in my pocket

Started by wilberfan, December 29, 2022, 01:04:12

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Brand-new user on Day One of my 14-day trial.  Running v4.13.2 under Android 13 beta. 

As the subject says, when the phone is in my pocket, my track is not being recorded. I get a strait line from the last point recorded to the most recent point when I take the phone out to check.

I've set Battery usage to "unrestricted".  Is there a setting or something I need to address?  There are certainly a LOT of places to look for settings!

[edit]  Is it "Run Locus Map as service" under Settings > Miscellaneous ??
[2nd edit]  Nope. That's not it.
[3rd edit]  I think it's a Location Permission issue.  I think it needs to be set to "Allow all the time".   :-[


complicated and quite often problem on new Androids.

You found a "Allow all the time" setting? The app should ask for this permission when track recording starts because right, without this, the app is unable to use the internal GNSS unit (location) when the app is hidden (so some other app is visible above Locus Map or the screen is off).
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