Sevral sqlitedb files in one record in menu are possible or not

Started by Hirvitie, December 24, 2022, 04:39:27

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I make usually a few sqlitedb files for my maps of certain place in according with my timestable. But when I choose maps for work in the coverage area of this place by map switch I see a numerous record in menu for each files normally. Is it possible to combine all files for the defined coverage area in one record for offline maps switch in a menu? It is so hard and it is need so many time to compile the one file for the defined coverage area if it is big. Of course all maps fragments have strongly bound order in his bound and do not overcrossing. Any thoughts how can I implement this task?


If raster maps are in one (sub-) folder, they are somehow (I never understood the exact mechanics) treated as one by Locus. But they still show up with their individual names.
Locus team should be able to explain - maybe AFTER Xmas :-)
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Hello Hirvitie,
Michael wrote everything I believe :). Simply try to put your maps into a sub-directory in the Locus/maps directory. Whole sub-directory will be then used as a single map file.
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