Automatic backup paused

Started by arnor, December 17, 2022, 12:47:51

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I was having the same issue but suspected it might have been a phone setting instead of Locus.

I recently changed the setting for the Locus app 'battery' setting to 'unrestricted'. So far, the last two auto-backups have completed successfully. /fingers crossed. 😉



Locus 4.14.0. Samsung S22+, Android 13, OneUI 5.0.

I believe I have cured this issue on my Samsung phone and tablet. In the phone Settings/Apps dialog I have changed the 'battery' setting for Locus from the default 'Optimized' setting to 'Unrestricted'. My auto backups have successfully gone through without pausing since then.


the Beta version didn't solve the problem
also the updated version which is available in GooglePlay.
i followed the 'battery' tip (setting to 'unrestricted') and seems like issue is solved.
the last 2 backups completed as expected  8)

crossing fingers...


Thanks for the tip. Seems the "Battery optimization" starting to cause more and more troubles with the latest Android & tools we use, damn.
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