Backup file after update very large

Started by Graf Geo, December 13, 2022, 14:37:37

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Graf Geo

The last update (LM4) brought a change in the backup management. The backup zip files are now 4-5 times as large as before, which is due to the fact that now also the segments with the rd5 files are zipped.

User Niklas had already noted this in the Blog (entry 10.12.2022).

As a result, I now have backup files of about 1 GB in size, which significantly increases the upload time and unnecessarily takes up disk space. The rd5 segments do not need to be secured in my opinion.

I would therefore welcome to take them out of the backup again. If some users absolutely want to backup these segments as well, please do so as a selectable option.



PS: ... or make it an option (default: OFF).


Sorry guys, this is my personal mistake in the code. Will be fixed in the next app version during the next few days, sorry.
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Graf Geo


Graf Geo

After updating to 4.13.1, a complete backup is no longer possible. See here.
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