"full-screen mode" - turn on/off the button on the function panels

Started by settler, December 06, 2022, 13:13:05

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thanks for "alternative full-screen mode over Expert settings"!

it would be very convenient to switch "full screen mode" with a button in the function panels. Can this be added in future versions of Locus map?


Andrew Heard

LM4.23.1.5 GOLD user ID:c7d47597a


> Maybe create a new suggestion topic for users to vote?

Previously, this was possible through the "Quick settings box" button.

But now it doesn't work.
ps. Maybe I just didn't find it.


Hi, this is not (yet) there. Currently, this setting is placed into expert settings and till it remains there, it won't be added to any existing public functionality. And because "full-screen support" is simply not a reliable feature on all devices, I do not want to write any promises here, sorry.
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