OS8 vs OS11

Started by 11elevenths, November 17, 2022, 16:24:53

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Using locus for motorcycling I had a tough time seeing the screen in direct sun so I set out to get a brighter phone.  I could spend $800+ for an S22 or $100 for an LG G7 ThinQ which has an amazing 1000 nits IP LCD screen so I am trying that.  The first one had brain damage on android 9 and I had to send it back the 2nd one has a normal brain seemingly stuck on android 8.

Does locus function fine on 8?

If so, will locus continue to function fine on 8?...or will I need 11?



Locus classic as well as Locus 4 DO work on Android 8. I just happen to set up an old A8 Samsung with Locus 4 as a backup.
When it coms to Android 11+, you will suffer from a lot of restrictions re. file system access.
Also, Samsung screwed up their temperature management for some newer devices, so people are wheeping about dimming after a few seconds.
So, maybe more than one reason to go the LG way ...
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