OAM World Maps - Autumn edition is online - Dec update

Started by michaelbechtold, November 04, 2022, 16:37:55

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Changes since Autumn 1.0 release:
- Triggered by the request of a North American user I produced ZL 12/13 maps for much of North America.
- While ZL 12 and 13 maps have been available for parts of Europe already, I have created an additional set of maps with ZL 12/13 with wider coverage.
- Once this train started rolling, I also produced ZL 12 maps for much of Asia, split in two, as well as for Africa.
- The OAM background from ZL 8 up now is rendered from the Dec edition of Christian's OAM vector maps.
- The torrent downloads are now separated into three chunks: World maps, regional maps at ZL 11 and regional maps at ZL 12/13.

Those are the changes since summer:
- The OAM background from ZL 8 up now is rendered from the Oct edition of the OAM vector maps.
- Wind turbines could overcrowd and hide streets and other useful information in ZL 9 - 11. Now a grid based grouping into "WP" is used, substituting all turbines in the respective tile (~4km for ZL 9-10, ~2km for ZL 11). Offshore farms show all turbines as available in OSM.
Enjoy - maybe only couch surfing this time of the year :-)