Showing photos from recorded tracks on maps

Started by robbielink, October 17, 2022, 23:39:26

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I'm not understanding the proper way to add photos to a track while recording and then having them show up on maps.
I've tried adding photos both as a Point and as an attachment. Either way they show up in the mobile app after saving. No problem there.
But they do not show up in the web app when I view the track.
And they do not show up in Google Earth or Google Maps when I export the track as a KMZ file.
I've tried exporting as GPX file which says it will save attachments in a separate folder but I do not see that folder anywhere.


That feature isnt there yet
in the mean time, bluestacks emulator, install locus, sync tracks
but also you need to sync the media folder, perhaps with foldersync app or similar....
as that contains the defaut photo POI
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Yes, sorry. Sync of photos to the web is not yet implemented. Anyway idea is already registered so feel free to vote here to get info when something changes.
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