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Started by pix, October 13, 2022, 17:40:24

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in LM4 are already available a lot of POI [LoPoints (offline)].
Unfortunately the resolution and scalability of the POI's could be a little bit better.

My question:
is there a possibility LoPoints (offline) to replace by own or other POI's with a higher resolution among  keeping of the coordinates and additional information, included in the POI LoPoints (offline), e.g. phone number, address, opening hours ...

Thanks for help
Locus Map Classic  3.7x


you are talking about icons right? Icons on the are used from the map theme you use. Are you using LoMaps downloaded from the Locus Store? If so, may you please post a screenshot of how it look-like on your device? Thanks.
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Hi menion,
Quoteyou are talking about icons right?
I suppose so.
Yes,I downloaded maps from Locus Store (take a look to screenshot)

I mean the icons of the POI's are so tiny, hard to see on the map when you have activated the theme "Hike&Bike". I have chosen the icon Post box as example what I mean but it concerns all icons of LoPoints (offline).

Can I replace the default icons by other ones which I can select myself with a better resolution and visibility?

Locus Map Classic  3.7x