BLM stopped working?

Started by 11elevenths, October 07, 2022, 03:07:30

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the wonderful BLM layer that Petr got longer works???



I'm sorry but it seems that there is a new version of Padus that uses a different solution for loading map tiles and the old solution is no longer valid. I guess that the data/map is still available as WMS service. Please contact USGS / Padus and ask if there is any WMS or WMTS service with layers you're interested in.
I guess that such service exists but I can't quickly find it on their web page. WMS or WMTS service is defined by URL you can add into Locus via Map manager > WMS/WMTS tab > PLUS > add manually ( )

Thanks, Petr


HI Petr...

Isn't the updated/changed URL on this page for that code string that was added in to the "providers.xml? the layer can be downloaded like any map for offline?  I don't think wms can be downloaded.


There are 2 WMS links on here too under RELATED EXTERNAL SOURCES

Can these work??? downloaded???

or this