Screen locked after using camera

Started by Dokfah551, September 22, 2022, 16:11:13

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I've got the following, extremly annoying problem: as long my display did not turn of I can start the camera by icon out of locus without to unlock the screen. With the back button I go back to locus.

But if the screen turns off and I start the camera I receive the message that the device is locked by administrater and I have to enter the unlock code.

I activated on my Android that the device keeps unlocked in case that
- I wear it or
- in case that I'm in trusted areas or
- connected to selected bluetooth devices.
So by using Android "outside" Locus my device gets not locked in the 3 cases. But this seems to be deactivated by Locus or does not work :-(

How can I open the camera without to enter the code again (after the screen turned off)? Or more globally asked: how can I ensure while using locus that the Android function mentioned above (e.g. keep unlocked while wearing my device) works with Locus and my device does not get locked by administrator anymore?

Thanks a lot!!

Henk van der Spek

How do you start the camera when the screen is turned off? By a hardware button?
And what version of Locus and Android?

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Hatte ähnliches Problem. Wenn Locus als "Systemdienst" läuft und z.Bsp. die "Display Aktivierung" aktiviert ist, wurde mir bei aktiviertem "durch Gesten steuern" und "Einmal Winken" jedes mal nach Beenden oder Verschieben von Locus in den Hintergrund, das ganze Gerät gesperrt.
Da sowohl LMC als auch LM4 etliche Fehler besitzen - wie z.Bsp. unterschiedliche Helligkeit(siehe LM4 dunkelt leicht ab) - die aber nicht behoben werden/behoben werden können (für die Entwickler existiert kein Fehler solange er nur von einzelnen Usern oder von einzelnen Geräten) gemeldet wird, bleibt nur eines, entweder Locus nicht als Systemdienst laufen lassen, oder entsprechende verbugte Funktion nicht mehr nutzen.
Locus wird als Systemdienst selber zum Administrator. Daher die Meldung "locked by administrator". Locus sperrt also dein Gerät - gewollt oder ungewollt.

Mit Google übersetzt - wobei ich keine Ahnung hab was die KI draus macht:

Had a similar problem. When Locus runs as a "system service" and e.g. The "Display activation" is activated, I was closed to the whole device every time after ending or moving LOCUS, the whole device was blocked.
Since both LMC and LM4 have a number of errors - such as Different brightness (see LM4 darkens slightly) - but which cannot be remedied/remedied (for the developers there is no error as long as it is only reported by individual users or from individual devices), only one, either locus does not run as a system service Leave or no longer use the corresponding tied function.
Locus itself becomes an administrator as a system service. Hence the message "Locked by Administrator". So Locus blocks your device - wanted or unwanted.