[SOLVED] mapItems subfolders

Started by hgmichna, September 10, 2022, 14:49:58

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I used to have subfolders in Locus/mapItems on my previous phone, running Android 11. Locus Maps handled these without problems.

Then I got a new phone, a Google Pixel 6, running Android 12. Knowing about the new rules, I copied the content of Locus/mapItems into Android/data/menion.android.locus/files/Locus/mapItems .

Locus Maps could use items in this internal mapItems folder, and it saw and showed the subfolders as well. But when trying to enter any subfolder to make items in it visible, none were there. I could still see all the item files in a file manager (I use X-plore), so the files were actually there, but Locus Maps apparently did not see or show them.

Then I received the update to Android 13. Since then X-plore also no longer sees anything inside Android/data/ , so I am now unable to even delete them.

I have since uninstalled Locus Maps entirely to clean up the mess. I could import most of the data (tedious work), but I still have no way to have subfolders in mapItems. Without subfolders, mapItems are difficult to handle when there are many.

What's the current situation with Android 13? How about allowing to change mapItems to an external folder, like Locus/mapItems, akin to some other folders that can be moved to an openly visible place?


Only some days after writing the above I learned that there is still one simple way to read and write in Android/data, an MTP connection to a computer. I connected my new phone via USB to a PC running Windows 11, allowed data moving, and could easily copy folders into Android/data/menion.android.locus/files/Locus/mapItems , using the computer's keyboard and mouse.

Locus Maps then handled these folders and their content, GPX files, just as easily as on my previous phone, so no problem any more.

Why it didn't work in the beginning, when the subfolders should already have been in place, remains a mystery. Anyway, as long as MTP does the trick, I'm happy.


I'm glad you solved this issue. With Android 13 it is more complicated. For now only the app "FV File explorer" may access these folders, but more will come as one hack still works.

Moving mapItems out of the app's original directory is doable but it breaks some functionality that is required for correct work with "File" objects directory.
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