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Started by 11elevenths, September 04, 2022, 17:45:55

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I recently went to the Mountain West Overland Show here in Colorado USA and had a conversation with one of Gaia's top devs.  I told him they seem to be more interested in expanding map content and not fixing the basics.  I explained that I preferred Locus but do use Gaia on occasion as the maps are second to none.  I then told him why I thought Locus is superior, this was in a crowded booth so it was a bit dicey....anyhow he was nice and said they will be fixing the basic stuff.

Now the other day we decided to run a new area here and I could not get Locus to display even close to the map data that both Gaia and Caltopo serve up with just one click.  See this https://youtu.be/0NSlu4lerN0

Somehow maybe Petr or someone can get MVUM to work as an online map source like he did with FS-Topo or as a WMS layer as he did with Public lands/BLM.




as I see, Gaia uses own server with data so they probably get it from the USGS as vector tiles or raw data. I'm also unable to find any existing online or WMS map. Maybe @voldapet will know more?

What I've found interesting is this catalog of maps available over Avenza app.

I've also found this nice blog post on the Gaia web > it seems they invested a lot of work into their map, so it probably won't be so easy to add them into Locus Map as well.
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