setTitleColor, code: 0; Error: UsbInterface, code: 12561

Started by hgmichna, August 20, 2022, 17:28:13

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[Edit: Found the cause, problem mostly solved. See below.]

I got a new phone, a Pixel 6, still running Android 12. On that I get these errors when a freshly recorded track is auto-exported.

  • setTitleColor, code: 0
  • Error: UsbInterface, code: 12561

I can then manually export the track without any problem, which is my current workaround.

But perhaps somebody wants to look into this. Is there anything I can do to help pinpoint the defect?

Everything else seems to work fine, except that I have lost all maps over the phone change. Not too bad, I can re-download them. Thanks for the good work! I like Locus Maps.


Edit: Apparently I found the cause. There are two different places where the auto-export path can be entered. They differed in my new installation. The location in the settings was still sdcard/Locus/export, while in the manual export I had already entered storage/emulated/0/Locus/export. Therefore the latter worked with manual export, while the auto-export attempted to use the old path. I did not get the idea that the path setting exists in two different places.

After changing to the new path, auto-export worked fine in the first test.

This solves the problem for me, but I think, Locus Maps should still be changed to show a more meaningful error message when the export path does not exist. Also I would recommend to avoid the two different path settings. I think, auto-export should always use the same path that is set for export. I think, to have a different setting for manual and auto export is practically never needed, but has a high potential for confusion.


Hi hgmichna
thanks for the useful bug-report.

Firstly: I still think there is a need for separate paths. The difference is, that the global setting needs to be local directly. The auto-export path may be online storage (Dropbox, ...) and even if not, users may want to specify a different directory based on the recording profile.

And the error report: ah, I'm looking at it and it is really a very bad solution. I'll look at it, thanks!
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