which map is best for hiking / geocaching

Started by wingzero, August 19, 2022, 10:40:11

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I am fairly new to locus map 4.

And i was wondering, which map is best for just hiking / geocaching ?
The default lomap ? or do you guys have other suggestions... ?

also as an extra question, since there are sooo many settings, what settings are also best for hinking / geochaching ?


Here you will get many different answers.  Because there is no such thing as the best. Everyone thinks something else is the best. It depends on your expectation.
I use Openandromaps.
Just try different ones and see what works better for you. Same with the settings. There are so many settings, which one do you mean ? Read the help, there you can try a lot. https://docs.locusmap.app/doku.php
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I fully agree with Freischneider's statement. Personally, I use the leisure map from Openstreetmap (https://www.freizeitkarte-osm.de/android/de/index.html). I adapted the theme for myself because the theme wasn't rich enough in contrast for me. But just try all maps and themes.

Viajero Perdido

Hi.  I'm a hiker and cacher too.  I think your best bet would be offline topo maps, either LoMaps or OpenAndroMaps (V5).  Both are similar, show roughly the same data, but have visual differences due mostly to themes.  (I prefer OAM + Elevate theme due to some rendering glitches of text labels with LoMaps.)

I suggest offline because, of course, as a hiker you may not have cell coverage, and to pre-load online maps of any size is quite inefficient (in general, not just in Locus).

If you have a level of Locus that supports it, turn on slope shading; it's beautiful and makes hills stand out clearly.

Auto-routing on trails is quite nice too, either via built-in LoRouter, or BRouter as a separate app, again depending on your Locus version.  "After 20 metres turn right."

PS, you'll want maps based on OSM (such as the two mentioned above) for best quality of trail data ... unless you're in Europe, in which case some non-OSM maps are apparently quite good too.  But avoid maps based on government data, such as Topo Canada, out of date.


Yeah I am in Europe and I have locus map 4 gold sub for now for testing it.