Blue areas in latest Germany LoMap

Started by MacBo, August 18, 2022, 17:01:33

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I'm using Locus Map 4. With the latest LoMap update for "Germany North" (2022.08.15), I suddenly see strange blue areas (with diagonal white lines) in at least one certain map area that is formed like a rectangle (they are no lakes or something). See screenshots. The blue areas are not solid, more like usually blank spots between green areas (e.g. forests). That wasn't there with the previous map version. I don't see the rectangle with the blue spots anywhere else on the Germany LoMaps.

I'm using the internal map themes. But it doesn't matter which one I select. The blue area stays. Only when using an external theme, the map appears normal. Is there an update for the internal themes that I have to install as well? Or is it a glitch in the map?




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