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automatic zoom for navigation voice announcement
« on: July 28, 2022, 08:20:35 »
I have created a Tasker project.
Use case:
Phone on the handlebars of the bike. Screen off. Navigation of a route. At a turn Locus turns on the screen and makes a voice announcement. I like to have a small zoom to have some overview of the surroundings. But with a navigation announcement I don't really see the details of the turn. This requires a large zoom and right after that I need the small one again.
With voice announcement Locus zooms to zoom level 20 (Adjustable) and after 7 seconds (Adjustable) back to the old value.

It is also possible to zoom only 2 or 3 levels instead of the fixed zoom level.

You can download the project via the link.

Criticism and improvements are welcome. Improvements are always possible.

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