Screen locked after using camera

Started by Davidos, July 24, 2022, 06:54:20

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I've got the following, extremly annoying problem: as long my display did not turn of I can start the camera by icon out of locus without to unlock the screen. With the back button I go back to locus.

But if the screen turns off and I start the camera I receive the message that the device is locked by administrater and I have to enter the unlock code.

I activated on my Android that the device keeps unlocked in case that
- I wear it or
- in case that I'm in trusted areas or
- connected to selected bluetooth devices.
So by using Android "outside" Locus my device gets not locked in the 3 cases. But this seems to be deactivated by Locus or does not work :-(

How can I open the camera without to enter the code again (after the screen turned off)? Or more globally asked: how can I ensure while using locus that the Android function mentioned above (e.g. keep unlocked while wearing my device) works with Locus and my device does not get locked by administrator anymore?

Thanks a lot!!!



Hello Davidos,
sorry for this issue. It is most probably caused by the implementation of the "Turn screen off" method I use in the app. Android does not simply support "turn screen of" method for app developers so I use a method not originally made for this use case. The result is that the device is locked.

If this is a problem for you, do not use automatic turn-off by the app (settings > Controlling > Display > Screen on/off control). This should solve this issue.
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