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Started by Majkel, July 17, 2022, 13:56:23

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I have such a problem - set a route for myself and all I need to do is eat a bit, then the voice guidance of navigation stops working. When I come back to the route in a dozen or so meters, the voice navigation does not work, and the arrows on the screen with the direction of the route do not show either.
How to make the navigation and voice guidance work again when you return to the mapped track. I can't deal with it, please help.
I have gold version.


Hello Majkel,
sorry for the late response.
It looks based on your screenshot, that the GPS caused a shift of "active point of navigation" somewhere back along the track. The solution should be to force navigation using a nearest point on the track > for this, try to open the navigation menu > "Nearest point".

Anyway, this should not simply happen and when. the app should fix this in a few seconds automatically, weird. Is GPS turned off during this pause when the screen is turned off?
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