Lock Ordnance Survey map sheet

Started by c7trp, July 09, 2022, 19:15:25

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I'm a Viewranger refugee so apologies if I'm asking dumb questions - I'm not up to speed with the terminology :)

I'm using Locus for walking with the OS 1:25000 tiles.

Is there a way to lock the application to just use the 1:25000 tile? Currently if I zoom out, Locus changes the tile to the 1:50000 and I rather it stayed at the original scale.

Any pointers?



Hello and welcome.

for this exists function called "Zoom lock". Depends which version of the app are you using. If the Locus Map 4, then it may be added to the side function panel. Check our manual here, hope it helps.
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Thanks Menion

I'm using v4 so the link has sorted it, cheers  :)