Locus 3.61.0 BRrouter leaves a “track” I am unable to delete

Started by Spartaner, June 26, 2022, 07:01:55

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I just tried to calculate a route with BRouter in Locus Maps Classic 3.61.0. My first trial did not work properly. Only the last Kilometer to Leuenberg was properly calculated. And now this trial has left this thick blue line, which looks like a recorded track, see attached screenshot. But of course, this "track" does not appear in the list of recorded tracks. So I see no option to delete this false "track".

A second trial to calculate the route from Tiefensee to Leuenberg did work all right and left no trace after removing the route. But the false "track" of the first trial always shows up.

Question: how to delete it? (without remove and reinstall the whole app or all recorded tracks). Is there an option to clear an internal "cache" within Locus?


Hello, no matter what happens, there should be  at least an option to "hide" this track when you tap it to see the track detail. In worst case, close the app, wait a while and start it again...

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