LoMaps saltmarshes and tidal tag-mapping request

Started by karlchick, June 15, 2022, 00:35:20

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I've been working on updating my OS Map theme for LoMaps having improved the OAM version, and discovered that wetland=saltmarsh is not part of the lomap tag mapping. All these areas (quite a lot around the UK coast line) end up as plain natural=wetland.

Another tag I really miss in LoMaps is tidal=yes.

Many footpaths and areas area tagged as tidal and hence only accessible at low tide.

Tidal=yes, is also useful for distinguishing between natural=wetland area that are probably tidal mud flats vs inland peat bogs.

Would it be possible to add wetland=saltmarsh to the wetland tag mapping for LoMaps? And would it also be possible to add tidal=yes ???
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The best thing they do here is make a suggestion for improvement. Then others can vote.
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