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Started by Jethro10, May 04, 2022, 17:04:42

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I'm just getting started coming from OsmAnd for various reasons.
First question.
In the attached picture, the centre mountain range is about 15x15km. I've displayed parking POI's which seem equivalent to LoPoints.
Knowning where I want to walk in the area and where parking is, allows me to plan a route and choose a start point from a parking place.
I'm struggling to get the same visibility from Locus maps at a similar zoom. LoPoints seem less visible when displayed overall and only available closer up.
I'm aware of "how to" installing differing maps and themes but can't get close enough.
Any way to replicate this?



For this reason i use osmand for showing pois.


Hi guys,

In the Locus Map, it is doable over the older systems with offline LoPoints. Just needs a map of England and on the screenshots is visible what I did (screen 1 - 3).

A lot easier is this with the web planner where the planner offers highlights of certain categories (screen 4).

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I had got them working via the App, the problem is they are all but invisible and need to be made visible, or have a tick box or something to "enhance". Initially I didn'r realise I had them working as I couldn't see them!

The web based solution, although nice, is not really a replacement for having a viable solution in the App that works like the Web solution. It's easily possible to get somewhere, find the parking area closed or full, then need to re-do parking and a route "On the Go" when a PC with full size browser and internet access isn't available.


Henk van der Spek

It's only easy for your own points (within points and tracks).
But LOpoints and points.db from OSM maps are mainly influenced by the theme you choose, the size settings at a given zoom-level (which is chosen by the them developer) and the number of pixels your screen has.
It would be very handy if there was a dedicated button for (temporarily) changing the size of points from a points database like Lopoints.
I was recently fighting with this problem on my wife's phone. She has greatly oversized parking symbols covering way to much of the city map and blocking the view of most other symbols like shops and albuerge's. She uses the extra big font-size in the basic Android settings. And did not want to skip that, nor the database of points so we left it at that shortly before her trip.
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