How to zoom in a map with s pen of Samsung note8?

Started by ColdAutumn, May 03, 2022, 06:31:38

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I confirm that I accidentally zoomed in with s pen. When zooming in, a very thin line will appear in the map, but I don't know how to repeat it.

I seem to have reproduced this function more than once.

How is this function implemented? How to operate?

Many thanks.


Hi, there is no direct support for pens and some gestures. But with one finger (so with the pen) you may zoom in with the following gesture:

- tap once down, then release finger up
- immediately tap down again (like a double-tap), but keep your finger (pen) on the screen
- slide up and down to zoom
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Wow, thank you very much. That's it. Now I can do it. Great!

I just upgraded to 3.60.1 today, and found a small bug that only appears in S Pen.
I am confirming that I will tell you! Great App, many thanks!