trying to get Hitta Frilufts working (best Swedish map)

Started by 11elevenths, May 03, 2022, 05:16:45

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there are some great maps here with URLs.

I'm trying to get Hitta Frilufts working as a provider xml or wms???

Anybody know the correct syntax?  yes I have seen the Locus guide on making these but my head boils just trying to read that...I wish there was an easier way to get these working.

Attached is the map in Guru and Cartograph.  In my travels almost anything that runs in Cartograph can run in Locus.


I see that someone actually asked for the same thing a while ago and was told it can't be done.  The URL of Hitta Frilufts is in there and works on cartograph...hmmm.

They were told to use a free map on the locus store that seems to have all the same trails and is very legible and has the osm road color/designations. It is made by so for trails it might be as good as Hitta Frilufts just not as pretty.  If anyone wants to take a crack at the syntax and get Hitta Frilufts working I will but you a coffee.

I'm pretty sure it can be easily done by a power user...not me.

In case it never gets done here are some downloadable maps that are very nice too

download them
unzip the file
put both files in mapsvector folder