Question to Locus Msp on a Garmin Venu 2

Started by tobser, May 02, 2022, 19:46:31

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Hello everyone, does anyone of you have Locus Map running on a Garmin Venu 2?  I'm interested in how the zoom works.  Turning with the bezel?  If someone could tell me that, I would be very grateful.  Definitely I want to buy a Garmin smartwatch as Locus doesn't work on my Huawai gt 2.  Greetings from tubser

Jan Čapek

Hi, map streaming feature is discontinued in Locus Map for Garmin for now, because of limitation on Garmin side. It is usable only in case your phone doesn't have access to the internet. Also it is quite slow on Venu, because of the size of transferred images, so I would definitely do not recommend to buy new device only because of that, as you would be disappointed.

In case you would want to use it anyway, zoom can be done by holding MENU button to access zoom mode and then changing zoom by swiping up or down on the map screen.