[APP] - version 4.9.+ ( 04/2022 )

Started by Menion, April 25, 2022, 16:11:17

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It would be cool if the Locus Map included the ntrip client.
I use a mock location app that can connect to the ntrip server separately because of rtk
If you can connect to the ntrip server in Locus Map, it will be convenient because one processor disappears.
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I'll forward you to the new topic because the new version was just uploaded on the Google Play. For 25% of users for today, rest during the weekend once I confirm that all works correctly. Version is also on the Google Drive of course ;).


And ...

if you will be able to simulate this problem in some exact steps, please let me know.

feel free to share suggestions publicly. Maybe just in a separate topic. I'll be really glad if this forum will be about Locus Map but also maps and some personal experiences, not just about the single app ...

@baegas, @balloni55
oki, I'll think about how to do it properly and let you know. For me, it is important that someone is capable to test it ...
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