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Started by 11elevenths, April 01, 2022, 16:53:34

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I typically use Brouter pick the squares download them.

With a reinstall I had to do the other day, I re-downloaded a Lomap and also chose the routing data.   Apparently Lorouter uses Brouter so am I downloading the same squares just in another folder.



Hello tia,

and the problem is? I'm not sure so please explain it a little bit. Use LoRouter OR BRouter. No need to use both at once I think.
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These are really question(s) not really a problem.

Can you explain why one would use Lorouter over Brouter?

Is the backend data different or does Lorouter use the same as brouter.

When I reinstalled v4 fresh did it write over the previous brouter downloaded data??? or since it is a separate app it did not?

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Same engine. 100% convenience - Locus can download the router files. It also includes routing profiles into the backup.
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so as long as I download the Lomap with the associated routing data I do not even have to have Brouter installed correct?

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