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Started by Menion, March 30, 2022, 15:24:43

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Regarding sharing names... not sure I get what you meant. I want to web search for any names on the map with the least hassle possible. Tap a POI, select share, select websearch. Tap a track, select share, select websearch, long tap anything on the map, select share, select websearch.

How would I do this in current Locus? To get from any name on the map (eg Refugio Coolplace) to

websearch meaning: send whatever "name" to default browser default search engine.


A little inconsistencies in the map download window.
The two terms are in conflict one says "updating" the other says "done"

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Here are my logs when Locus was killed by Samsung Camera today. Sorry for size, can't really edit huge text files properly on the road.

The log is filled with thousands LiveTracking failed due to offfine events every second or so. A possible problem in Locus, unrelated to killing? At least it pollutes the log... but does it really need to be tried every second? Shouldn't it just wait for online status change or something? Interval is configured to 3 minutes.

17:33:37.457   D   LiveTrackingCustomService   sendNewEvent(false)
17:33:37.460   W   LiveTrackingCustomService   handlePendingEvents(), device is not online, send later
17:33:38.473   D   LiveTrackingCustomService   sendNewEvent(false)
17:33:38.477   W   LiveTrackingCustomService   handlePendingEvents(), device is not online, send later
17:33:39.487   D   LiveTrackingCustomService   sendNewEvent(false)
17:33:39.554   W   LiveTrackingCustomService   handlePendingEvents(), device is not online, send later
17:33:40.466   D   LiveTrackingCustomService   sendNewEvent(false)
17:33:40.471   W   LiveTrackingCustomService   handlePendingEvents(), device is not online, send later


Is there any documentation how cloud sync works?
I try to find out what is the rule if a track was change on two devices.
The "compute sync plan" doesn't help. To be true I think it's useless.
In my case it reports 185 pull deletion for tracks.
But cloud and local should be more or less the same.
Without a report which tracks are affected and why the plan is useless in my pov.


New version 4.9, so please, the new topic here.

In the new version is an option to set an "unlimited" scale for overlay, so try it please.

About missing map tiles > it is not a problem too short validity of the cache, but rather a problem in how the app fills gaps with map tiles from other zoom levels.

Sharing names > oki, understand. Hmm, there is probably no solution for now, agree ...

I had not enough time to check your report about the purchase of premium a little deeper before the new version. I'll look at it next few days.

thanks, I'll look at it.

docs? Hmm, nope. The last wins, always. Does it help?
- Official help (ideas, questions, problems): help.locusmap.eu
- Advanced topics, sharing of knowledges: you're here!
- LM 4 Beta download, LM 4 Release download


Quote from: balloni55 on April 23, 2022, 12:50:20
Quote from: tapio on April 23, 2022, 12:19:24
EDIT: Ah I see, Gold = 2100 per year according to above screenshot.
Paying with LoCoins is a bit more expensive then, I will do it anyway, also to support the team

100 LoCoins > 1,19Euro that makes 24,99 Euro/year vs. GooglePlay 23,99/year

ive just paid with locoins, bought 1060 locoins for £9.63
google play subsctiption is £20.99    with locins the same is £19.07 so locoins is cheaper....
and as i havnet been using the free 600 locoins a year, even cheaper again...

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4.9 seems to have fixed the navigation-becomes-guidance issue I mentioned upthread, thanks.

Can't be absolutely sure without spoofing GPS or physically going back to the trail, but I'm pretty sure.  :)
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