Default via point icon - how to change?

Started by Graf Geo, March 25, 2022, 11:46:37

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Graf Geo

Hello Locus Team and community,

when I create a via point with the route planner, a small red x is always displayed as the default. I have to change this every time I want to have a different one.

In the Expert Settings you can set any waypoint icon as default, but there is no option to set via point icon.

How can I permanently set a different via point default icon?

(LM4 gold)

Thanks in advance!
SG S10, Android 12


it is not possible (yet). Anyway I've added this option into "expert settings" of the Locus Map 4, so it will be available in the next app version. I see there are also incorrectly placed icons (in the settings), hmm ...
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Graf Geo

Thank you Menion,

that would be great and save me a lot of clicks. (The red x is too small and hardly visible on the map.)
SG S10, Android 12