Saving Track sent from API

Started by popo, March 11, 2022, 09:54:34

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I am using LocusMap since many years and I have developed a small add-on which generate a 2 points-track (a vector). I send the track through the uri file mechanism and function SendTrack  and it is correctly displayed on Locus (Locus Map Pro 3.57.1).
The problem is that the track is not appearing in the track manager and it cannot be modified (message says track must be recorder before). Do I need to call a function to get the track recorder in Locus database ?
If I close Locus Map then all tracks are lost.
Thanks for your help


it depends on how you set a "mode". If you see tracks only temporary on the map, you most probably use `SendMode.Basic`. What you need is to import tracks (lines) into internal database. For this, please use `SendMode.Import`. This should help, let me know.
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Hi Menion,
thanks a lot - it does exactly what I want now.