Accidentally bought map - exchange for Gold Sub ?

Started by Testi, March 09, 2022, 15:29:30

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Copy & Pasting a ticket I made here in case someone here knows what I can do:

QuoteI just purchased a bunch of maps in Locus 3 (of which I own Pro since forever) and right after found out about Locus 4. I would really like to 'return the maps' and instead get a Gold subscription (of course I understand that a Gold sub is more expensive than what I paid for the maps/coins). Is there any way to do that ? It would suck if it turns out I wasted all that money :(

I wish it had said that Locus 3 was deprecated when I bought the maps :(


I would open a ticket in help desk (can be done from app), which is closely watched by the respective Asamm team. They typically find a way, what the forum people (we and Menion) cannot do.

LMP still has a lot of fans, and it even got an update in Feb (Android 11 file system etc.) and will continue to be kept current re. Android releases and alike. Yet, new Locus features will happen in LM4, not LMP.


My ticket was eventually resolved via a return of the spent money so that I can get the Gold Sub with it instead, so yay and thanks!