Understanding or question about auto backup

Started by JohnCNA, February 27, 2022, 15:18:08

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LM 4.6.1
Upgrading to a new phone, so I triggered a manual backup of everything before the upgrade. Backup set to go to Google drive folder. Process successful. But no new backup file is seen in the Google drive folder.  I do see the backup file inside the local Locus backup folder.

Auto Backup is set to Google drive path every 7 days. It's working because I can see the last 5 backups there. But new manual backup is not there.

Should not a manual forced backup be immediately uploaded to the cloud backup location? I was active on WiFi so it was not due to a 'WiFi only' setting.

Or did I do something wrong somewhere?


Hello John,
this topic was hidden in some "development" section so I`ve missed it (for an unknown reason). So, the answer may be for others: manual backup does not define the target directory. It is always created in the "Locus/backup" directory.
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