Route re-calculation settings are reset randomly

Started by Paketenwerfer, February 21, 2022, 20:20:00

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Settings - Navigation - Route -recalculation
I set to Route priority and 40m distance. Then leave this window and navigate. I often notice that the route is not recalculated when I leave the route. Then I check the settings and see that it has been reset to No recalculation and 100m. I set again my preferred settings, leave the window and check back and sometimes it has been reset again in those few seconds.
Route recalculation is important! It's the reason why I bought Pro.
Locus Map Pro latest version. I noticed this behavior in the last few months.


navigation is tightly connected to the so-called "Presets". Usually with activation of the navigation, a certain preset is automatically activated. Check app settings > navigation > Link with presets. So it is really possible, that when you start navigation, select preset activates and overwrite this setting for you.
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