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Started by john_percy, February 19, 2022, 19:02:01

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Would it be possible to have an alternative extension other than .lnk for the link to the legend for a theme? I have in mind, say, both .lnk and .link working.
Why? Currently it's a pain if you use Windows to prepare the files, as Windows assumes the file is a Windows shortcut, hides the extension and treats it accordingly.

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Hmm John, do not complicate to me the code too much please. I believe this is a minor issue, thanks  ;)
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Bump for visibility, dealing with .lnk files in Windows 11 is a huge nightmare. I am a theme developer who works in Windows, I built the "Adventure" theme for adventure motorcyclists (hosted over on

Every time I load a theme in to Locus with lnk files pointing to the legend, I get an error in the Android PDF viewer "Cannot display PDF ([theme].pdf cannot be opened).

I believe this is because Windows is appending metadata to each .lnk file whenever the OS sees the file renamed from a txt extension. If I generate the lnk file on my Android and place it in the theme folder, the legend is able to successfully open from within Locus with no error, but every time I try to offload the lnk file from my phone to my Windows machine, then transfer it back to the phone again, I get this error.

It would be nice if you could add a provision for those of us who work in Windows to get the legend link files working in our themes. Maybe even look for a standard txt file in addition to the lnk file. For the time being, I will have to make a copy of the legend PDF for the 2 theme XML files I maintain (a V3 and a V4 theme), since even a URL will not work.